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518 Ice Cream Challenge

I wanted to do an ice cream challenge with my kids this summer- travel around to find the best ice cream in the Capital Region and keep track of where we've been. Want to join the challenge?

To make it even more fun, we're giving a six month membership to the family who gets to the most ice cream places this summer! To make sure you're in the challenge:

  • Tag @allosaratoga and use #518icecreamchallenge in the photo of each ice cream place you visit through labor day weekend.

  • The family with the most places visited wins!

I crowdsourced recommendations from the 518 Moms Facebook group and got so many good ones! If your favorite isn't on here, I'm sorry! Maybe next year I'll make a bonus square!

ice cream (2)
Download PDF • 128KB

Happy Tasting,

Christine & fam

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