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Last-Minute Tips for Handling Daylight Savings with Kids

With daylight savings just around the corner (March 10th!), parents might find themselves in a mild panic about the upcoming "spring forward" time change. Fear not! Even with just a few days to prepare, there are simple, straightforward strategies to help your infants, toddlers, and preschoolers adjust to the new schedule without too much disruption.

Quick Adjustments

Slight Shift: If you haven't started adjusting your child's schedule yet, it's okay. In the days left, try to push bedtime 10 to 15 minutes earlier each night. This minor adjustment can make the transition to the new time less shocking to their system.

Daylight and Darkness

Morning Sunshine: Try to expose your kids to sunlight in the morning as soon as you can. This natural light helps reset their internal clocks and signals that it's time to start the day.

Evening Routine: Keep evenings calm and slightly dimmer than usual. Lowering the lights signals to their bodies that bedtime is nearing, helping them wind down.

Stay Consistent

Routine is Key: Keep your bedtime routine consistent. Whether it's a bath, story, or some quiet playtime, maintaining this predictability helps your child feel secure and ready to sleep.

Flexibility Is Your Friend

Be Ready to Adapt: The first few days after the time change might still be a bit rough, so be prepared to be flexible. If your child is struggling to fall asleep at the new bedtime, consider quiet, low-light activities until they seem ready to sleep.

Keep a Sense of Humor

Remember, while the time change can temporarily disrupt your family's schedule, it's a universal experience that many parents are navigating alongside you. Keeping a light-hearted approach can help you manage any challenges with a bit more ease.

Daylight savings doesn't have to spell disaster for your child's sleep schedule. With these last-minute tips, you can help ease the transition for your little ones. A little preparation, consistency, and patience will go a long way in adjusting to the new time. And remember, this too shall pass—until we "fall back," that is!



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