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You deserve a supported postpartum period

Image by Fanny Renaud

Our caring and compassionate postpartum doulas can help you transition more smoothly into life with your new baby. We provide day-time and overnight support so you can get the rest you need to heal.

Here’s what you can expect from your postpartum doula:

  • breast/chest and bottle feeding support (such as providing education, practical advice and support, referrals as needed.

  • baby bonding and infant sleep support (such as infant soothing techniques, providing information and resources,

  • basic newborn care (such as diapering, bathing, feeding, soothing, swaddling, baby wearing techniques, providing information and resources)

  • emotional and physical well-being support (such as recommended resources, providing time and space to rest, monitoring for signs of postpartum depression and/or anxiety, referrals as needed)

  • household management (such as light housekeeping, light meal preparation, running errands)

  • sibling care

  • other referrals as required or requested (such as local parent groups, Facebook or other social media groups, lactation consultants, parenting classes or resources.

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